BIKEFITTING.COM SIMPLIFIES FINDING THE RIGHT SIZE BIKE launches its new sizing service, making reliable and accurate size advice accessible to everyone.


A good bike fit lies at the basis of an optimal cycling experience, but the correct sized bike ensures having the right starting point for such a bike fit. With ever increasing ranges of frame geometries, bike categories and different sizing protocols for different brands, choosing the correct sized bike has, however, become a bit of a mine field.

Knowing that a bike fit by a local specialist will lead to the best size advice, now offers an additional sizing service that covers initial guidance on finding the right size bike.

In order to give good, accurate and reliable size advice, the following aspects are taken in to consideration:

1. Body measurements

Body proportions are different and unique to each person. People with the same height can have significantly different sized torsos, legs, arms etc. This can often lead to very different size requirements. Any size advice that doesn’t consider some aspect of body proportions and for example only relies on overall body height is therefore too generic and will often under or overestimate the optimal size.

2. Bike details

Two bikes branded as ‘Medium’ can have vastly different geometries, so it is important that we consider the geometry of the bike that is given a size advice for. A big increase in bike categories in recent years (eg endurance, gravel, aero, trekking, race) has also led to a wider range of different stack & reach values being used for bikes that are often sold under the same generic size.

3. Riding style

Different riding positions affect the best possible size. When you want to ride in a slightly more upright, comfortable position, it is likely that you will require a slightly higher bike so that the handlebar can be positioned correctly for your preferred position. In this example, a bigger-than-expected size might be needed to provide you with the required frame height. For a more aggressive (lower and longer) riding style, the opposite might be the case.

The new Online Bike Sizer of will consider all the above, keeps measurements simple, uses’s proven and long-established algorithms, and gives access to a database of 35000+ different bikes. It will result into 1) a size advice for the selected model, and 2) a suggestion for a full fitting service that will lead to the optimal cycling experience.

The Online Bike Sizer can be found here:

A customizable version of this tool, will be made available to all dealers with an active license. This new sizing service can be used on websites and in store to provide better size advice, increase service level and optimize customer satisfaction.