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  • bikefitting.com tiene más de 30 años de experiencia en el campo del montaje de bicicletas durante los cuales hemos equipado a 1,5 millones de personas.
  • bikefitting.com es una empresa de servicios neutral que no está vinculada a una sola marca de bicicletas, solo queremos brindarle el mejor asesoramiento posible, independientemente de la marca.
  • bikefitting.com cuenta con más de 2500 distribuidores en casi 50 países diferentes que ofrecen nuestros servicios.
  • bikefitting.com trabaja con marcas locales y globales para garantizar el mejor asesoramiento personalizado posible.

bikefitting.com es una subsidiaria de Shimano, ubicada cerca de la ciudad europea de Maastricht en los Países Bajos, cerca de las fronteras belga y alemana.

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junio 04

No matter what size bike you ride, a bike fit will ensure you get the right set up and position for your ride! These two bikefitting.com bikes are living proof of that :)
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mayo 28

Our fit studio at the Shimano Experience Centre in Valkenburg is open again, so triathlete Sven Boonen came in to have his position fine tuned for his upcoming half Ironman race later this season. With a number of adjustments, we're confident he'll be stronger than ever after a long period without races.
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mayo 07

Jumbo-Visma recently brought the unique experience of a cycle race in to people's homes during the Amstel Gold Race (well, at least a little bit) and in the process announced Henk-Jan as the winner of a bike fitting session in the bikefitting.com fit studio. Henk-Jan received the full bikefitting.com experience and went home with his shoe cleats adjusted, a personalized saddle advice and a full analysis of his bike position via our Complete Fit, Dynamic Fit and Pedaling Analysis services.
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abril 30

Here are five reasons why you might need a bike fit. Is it to optimize your cycling experience, increase your comfort, improve performance, gain more self confidence when riding your bike or just to increase your enjoyment in life. Or perhaps a combination of all of these of course. We describe how a bike fit can do all of this and more (https://fal.cn/3f4zd)
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