BIKEFITTING.COM EXPANDS LINE-UP WITH NEW TOOLS SHOWN AT EUROBIKE, a subsidiary of Shimano, is proud to announce the official release of its new 3D Motion Analyzer and stand-alone XY Position Tool at this year’s Eurobike. With the addition of the 3D Motion Analyzer to its product range, it brings precision accuracy to the bike fit. With the new XY Position tool ensures millimeter accuracy when adjusting and setting the bike position. It ensures the entire process from measuring the rider to setting up the bicycle for multiple disciplines is accurate.

3D Motion Analyzer 

The 3D Motion Analyzer is the culmination of a long line of development and biomechanical expertise. After the acquisition of by Shimano three years ago set out to deliver new state of the art tools for the dealer. At that time with the Static Fitting jig, provided a tool for a quick sales process that ensured the consumer was riding the perfect frame size in a good riding position.

This tool had been in place since the start of decades ago and has been continuously refined since. However, with more demand for high end equipment released the Position Simulator with its 3D Pedaling Analyzer last year, to measure and improve the performance of the rider. This tool found its way to over 250 dealers worldwide, allowing bike shops to ensure consumers are performing on their bikes in the best way possible.

With the clear demand for 3D analysis, took that one step further with its 3D Motion Analyzer, another high end solution in the line-up. This latest addition to the product range integrates rider specific characteristics, flexibility and riding style in order to further optimize the static fit.

The Analyzer works with a 3D sensor picking up the real time position of the rider in sub-millimeter accuracy and high speed.

The software that accompanies the Motion Analyzer and connects to´s other tools and solutions offers two simple modes which allows everyone to operate this equipment:

  1. In Wizard Mode, our software brings built-in biomechanical knowledge and expertise to the fitter to enhance the quality and consistency of their bike fitting service.
  2. In Advanced Mode, access to all data (for example joint angles and length) is made available to fine-tune the position of the rider, based on the knowledge and skills which are acquired from our education program and experience as a bike fitter.

The digital frame geometry plug-in provides accurate recommendations of bikes and components fitting the needs of the rider. Once the correct set-up of the bike has been identified, has a new addition to our portfolio to do just that:

XY Position tool
Fast, accurate, easy to use, digital.



The XY Position tool uses highly accurate technology to ensure a millimetre accurate measurement results. It always uses the centre of the bottom bracket as a starting point. From there it calculates XY coordinates for handlebar, saddle and it can be easily used to track any other position of the bike, for example stack and reach measurements, triathlon handlebar position, brake lever position etc.

Several benefits that come from using the Digital XY Replicator:

  • No need to take out the wheels: The complete bike can be put in the bike holder;
  • Additional XY target tools to find the exact reference point on saddle and handlebar;
  • Highly accurate due to laser technology used;
  • Quick and easy tool to measure existing bike, store the measurements and replicate them to a new bicycle;
  • Very stable platform, does not require level floor to operate.
  • Integration with software and XY coordinate systems.


All new products will be presented at Eurobike. can be found at the Shimano stand, Hall/Stand No. A1-200. We will give demonstrations of our complete product line-up every day at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00 (duration ~30 minutes). In between those time slots we are available for questions.


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